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Monica Richard fucked by another shemale

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Now things get hot and heavy, dearies. Watch yours truly get her juicy and plump ass rammed hard by another naughty shemale’s cock; it’s going to be great and I can guarantee that you’ll have just as much fun watching me get fucked in this gallery as I did putting it together for your viewing pleasure!

Check out the way she fondles my titties after comparing them to hers before she bends me over. It’s only natural that I’m the bitch though, since I’m the cute one, wouldn’t you guys say so?

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Monica Richard ass fucked herself on video


Hello there lovers! Today I have a nice thing to show ya, what could it be? Oh we all know you can’t wait, so here it is; I’m baring my big round butt and fucking it deep in a hardcore solo show for my number one fans! It’s so good that you are sure to feel jealous for my toy as soon as it plunges deep between my cheeks, but I’m a good little slut and I don’t forget to eye fuck the camera to keep you pleased. So sit down and enjoy the ride, because It’s about to get real bumpy and hot in here.

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TS Monica wearing blue

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Do you like my blue dress? I hope you do, because that means you will love my flashy blue thong! Keep in mind that I’m a juicy TS babe and that means that I’m slutty as fuck, so sit down and watch how I go from classy to straight up trashy in this gallery. I’m such a horny bimbo that I’ll give you flashes of my big round butt, perky tits and I’ll even go spread eagle to show off my bulging panties! Trust me, love, that dress isn’t staying on for long, so go ahead and enjoy yourself.

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Tranny Monica Richard gets wet


Let’s get soapy with a sexy bath, lovers! Hop in and see me make waves with my big juicy butt while I shake it up and down inside the tub. Don’t worry about all the foam in it, though, I’ll make sure to show you my body off through it as much as possible, since I’m not a cute little bitch that teases but doesn’t please; I’m a shameless tranny and I’m proud of it!

I’m such a slut that I can’t help but to get frisky so you know it won’t be long until I get up and start jacking off for you.

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Nasty Monica Richard hotel pics

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How about you get to see me as the luxurious diva I really am, babe? Here’s a sneak peek of me living the good life in a fancy hotel room; and when I say fancy I mean it, to the point where I made sure to wear my best black lingerie to go with the nice room! The funny thing is, though, that even if I’m wearing my best clothes I still look like a tramp in these pics since I can’t help but pic the sluttiest and laciest set of panties I own….Not to mention that I also managed to flash my cock!

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Homemade Monica Richard movies


Welcome to my kitchen, darling. It’s time for me to heat things up by serving the best dish in the world: a hot and steamy Monica Richard movie starring none other than the chubby shemale from your dreams (that’d be me, silly boy). The first dish on the menu is a sexy tease show as I prepare you for the main course, which is none other than a flash of my stiff cock as I prance around my kitchen in some skimpy red lingerie that leaves little to nothing to the imagination!

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Tranny Monica Richard goes glam

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I bet you won’t be able to get this sexy look out of your mind all day now that you’ve seen my slutty face! I know how gorgeous I am and so I try to entrance my would-be lovers with a deep eye-fucking like none other tranny babe on the net can pull off! Don’t think it’s all about my pretty girl looks, though, because I’m wearing a very revealing piece of mesh lingerie meant to show off my massive tits and shapely curves!

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Monica Richard video showing her sexy feet and ass

Here is a sample of how much I care for my beloved fans; I cater to all their fetishes, even the ones that keep me from showing off my sexy tits and my sweet cock. This video is all about my lower half, baby! From my chubby feet in a naughty pair of high heels to my plump round ass, which I then spread open for the camera while I get down on all fours like the dirty bitch I am.

Don’t be shy now, if you are into sexy shemale asses and feet, then you should enjoy this video!

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Eager BBW TS Monica Richard

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I’m a plump TS babe and I’m proud of it, so what better way to show just that than by flashing my body from the naughtiest angles possible? I go right to the juicy bits here, from my round belly and massive tits to my thighs and ass. Oh but don’t think I’ll spoil the fun by pulling out my cock, oh no, it’s all nice and easy here, so you can take in on the BBW aspects of my body. Let your eyes wander as they please, I can guarantee that they’ll love every inch of my flesh!

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Official website launched!


Here it is guys; I can now officially welcome and invite you all to check out my new site!

This is the place to be for those who consider themselves my true fans – the place where you can be sure that there are no teasing shows here, why? Because you get access to all the hardcore fucking movies and picture sets I can’t post on my blog. So have no doubt that the stuff laying in wait in my site is hotter than anything you could find on my blog. Jump right ahead and get your fix of the net’s cutest plump shemale, Monica Richard! I’ll be waiting for you inside.

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Official website
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